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My Lost Story provides you selected and special stories, Novels and Poetry which are inspired from common people as well as famous personalities’ life and gives you a all side view of life. We also appreciate you to write your own life story on myloststory and take initiative to inspired others.

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My Lost Story provide a space to our user to share their life stories and experiences with us and we promote their stories and ideas in our different-different platforms. And we also organize monthly contests and give a chance to earn exciting gifts and rewards to best story writers. welcome champs

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This is the special section for our beloved Students and Learners Who want to start their career in corporate world. Here My Lost Story provides you very interesting Business Podcasts from Industry experts, which give Idea of Industry and corporate. We provide you, Mentorship to be corporate or Industry Ready.

” My Lost Story ” helps you to pursue your dream to become a popular story writer

We gives you a platform to become a eminent story writer and also help you to promote your stories in various social media platforms for more reach.

Our platform mainly Focuses on the demand of the user so we provide various types of content categories for various types of users (ex- Inspirational, motivational, real life Stories for youth and Fairy tails for children and Biographies and Autobiographies for Senior users) You can write or read any type of category here.

So chase your passion with ” My Lost Story ” and become a popular Writer


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We monitor the best stories in our website monthly. If your story post has a potential to attract huge crowd then we have some exciting gifts and rewards for you. Start writing now.

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To entertain you at any cost and provide you a desirable content and personal space for you with all the privacy features


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To help you in various type of problems and give you instant solution of your problem and find best alternatives


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To Support you to became a popular writer, and provide you a better environment to grow

What makes you an excellent writer

A great real story writer possesses several key qualities and skills that contribute to their success. Here are some important factors that make a real story writer great:

Imagination and Creativity: A great real story writer has a vivid imagination and the ability to think outside the box. They can transform ordinary events or experiences into compelling narratives by infusing them with creativity and originality.

Observational Skills: An excellent real story writer is highly observant. They pay close attention to details, nuances, and human behavior, allowing them to capture the essence of characters and settings in a realistic and engaging manner.

Empathy: Great real story writers have a deep sense of empathy. They can understand and connect with their characters on an emotional level, enabling them to portray authentic and relatable experiences that resonate with readers.

Strong Writing Skills: Exceptional writing skills are essential for a real story writer. They possess a mastery of language, grammar, and storytelling techniques. They can create compelling narratives, build tension, develop interesting plotlines, and craft captivating dialogue.

Research Abilities: Real stories often require in-depth research to accurately portray events, people, or historical contexts. A great real story writer is skilled in conducting research and can incorporate factual information seamlessly into their narratives, enhancing the authenticity of their storytelling.

Structure and Organization: Effective storytelling requires a solid understanding of narrative structure and pacing. A great real story writer knows how to organize their ideas, develop a coherent plot, and maintain a balanced rhythm throughout their writing.

Authentic Voice: A strong writer has an authentic voice that distinguishes their work. They develop a unique style and tone that adds depth and personality to their stories, making them stand out from others.

Editing and Revision Skills: Great real story writers understand the importance of editing and revision. They are meticulous in reviewing and refining their work, ensuring that the story flows smoothly, the characters are well-developed, and the narrative is cohesive.

Perseverance and Discipline: Writing can be a challenging and solitary endeavor. Great real story writers possess the discipline and perseverance to overcome obstacles, work consistently, and continue honing their craft, even in the face of rejection or setbacks.

Connection with Readers: Ultimately, a great real story writer has the ability to connect with readers. Their stories evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and leave a lasting impact on the audience. They create narratives that resonate with people from various backgrounds and experiences.

It’s important to note that while these qualities contribute to being a great real story writer, there is no definitive formula for success. Every writer has their unique strengths and approaches, and the most exceptional ones often bring their own personal touch to their storytelling.

Let’s Write your lost story together!

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“The best part is that ” My Lost Story ” myloststory.online comes with hundreds of Interesting real life stories for just about everyone (Adult, Mature, Kids), makes it super inspiring for every viewer to read and write.”

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