In a huge bungalow with a lush green garden where few gardeners were tending the leaves of the various plants, another servant was washing a car near the car parking garage. In the drawing room on the ground floor, a middle aged man about 50 is performing ‘KAPAL BHARTI’ a yoga breathing exercise,while a religious channel ‘BHAKTI SAGAR’ is playing. A saffron clad Baba is giving Pravachan, “Youth is like a treasure of infinite energy,one should use it very wisely,once it goes it never comes back”.
to the second floor of the same bungalow, A young boy (late teens) is turning the pages of a XXX magazine, he stops turning the pages at his gaze gets fixed on a picture of bikini clad Pamela Anderson with her divinely curvaceous, voluptuous body and a sensually opened mouth towards the camera. There were two other boys in the room looking at something on the laptop on the table turn back towards him and say “What are you doing idiot?,Control yourself bro, bhai,you are going to tear the page. As the boy has squished his face into the pages of the magazine”

‘Aman’ the boy with the magazine says,”Shut up,until i get a girlfriend,i’ll have to manage like this only”.

“You dont even have guts to talk to a girl,let alone make a girlfriend” said one of his friends. “And the next page is mine” he added with a smile. All three laughed hard,and the Aman again forced his face into Pamela’s picture. The two boys refreshed the web page and suddenly stopped laughing ,the most beautiful girl of their college has uploaded her DP. Neha with her dark green kurta over black leggings, large circular earrings over her tender ears ,she was standing sideways ,it was the glory of her youthfulness that excited the boys the most. Now two boys AYUSH and PRATYUSH had the same expression which Aman had, who had by now tore the page on which the Pamela Anderson picture was once. Suddenly Ayush rose from his chair and started doing vulgar moves with Pratyush energetically,(all 3 were laughing). Downstairs the Pravachan on T.V continued,”If a young man loses himself to his lustful instincts ,he is nothing more than a animal”. All 3 boys continued their vulgar playacting with noises as the man doing yoga looks upwards towards the terrace.

To be continue in next episode of I became You and You Became Me ……..

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