Ep-2 : The Fallen Love

dilip singh

the first checkout

scene 2

Diana belongs to a wealthy family and is very stubborn with her nature.

Mom- Diana woke up oney is getting late for your university
Diana- Mom it’s just 9 in the morning
(Diana woke up after stretching her body)

mom– take this cup of coffee and get up fast to get ready as soon as possible. it’s your day 1
Diana – I know Mommy

Mom- Honey Dad going to be disappointed if he sees you in this manner
Diana – ok fine

Diana getting ready for her university

scene 2

Gary and Jerry are two brothers who belong to the mid-class family

Gary– Jerry come on man give me my towel

jerry- yoo don’t be crazy. calm bruh

Gary and Jerry get ready for the university

Gary- I am going to be a topper this time. remind my words in your empty brain

jerry- do I care (laughs)

Father– ohh ohh son don’t start again and go to your classes fast or you gonna be late and miss the first lecture

(both leaving home for university by saying bye to their dad and taking his blessings)

scene 3

Gary and Jerry enter from the main gate and park their bike

jerry-bruh see this, dang man crazy stuff
(open his mouth)

Diana looks stunning in her oversize t-shirt and shorts, wearing sneakers, specs over his head

Diana sees Jerry and passes a smile

Gary- Jerry don’t get into the trap

jerry- that is the most beautiful trap ever, I wanna get trapped into

both laugh and move toward their classes

to be continued…….

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