Pratyush checks his hair in the mirror and rushes towards the garage,where his bike is parked,”I’m going Ma” as he kickstarts his bike (loud drums or a beat box kind of music plays in the background). He manouvers through the colonies and after a few streets he is joined by two of his friends (a bappi lehri peppy track plays in the background). And then the neck turning starts,to every car.every passing two wheeler,pedestrians,to a Disha Patani Calvin Poster on the road.,every female on the road,and then giving each other mischievious smiles whenever they saw any woman who met their attraction standards.
IMAGINARY SEQUENCE-All 3 boys on the bikes jumping of their bikes into the huge Disha Patani Calvin poster,tearing the hoarding.(IMAGINARY SEQUENCE ENDS)

They finally reach near college,they are racing at a fast pace but from the left turn of the road suddenly an open jeep comes on which a few college students are sitting,so the 3 bikes slow down,the jeep is of Love Verma,son of the local MLA. The jeep parks,the bikes park. All the students who have come to their college wait at the parking area for the bell to ring,some students go inside, some remain outside.Pratyush raises his hand towards Love and says,”Ram Ram brother”
Love raises his hand in return and says smilingly,”You were very quick to press like on your Bhabhi’s pic yesterday”. Pratyush laughs sweetly,”But you gave a comment full of hearts”,he said.
Flasback-Pratyush was checking the comment section of Neha’s picture,he saw Love’s comment and muttered “Motherfucker” under his breath.
Everybody is sitting in the classroom,talking to each other,waiting for the teacher to come. Neha along with her friend Saloni walk in.The noise and the chattering suddenly stops,as most of the boys,as most of the boys watch Neha (the beautiful perfect neha) walk in and noise did not start again until Neha had settled in her seat.But something was off about Neha,she sat in the class on her seat with a blank,still,expressionless face as if she was not here,she ignored everybody and sat on her seat.

To be continue in next episode of I Became You And You Became Me ………

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