Ep-3: The Fallen Love


the smile

scene 1

Jerry- I can’t stop thinking about her, she was so beautiful man

Gary- man stop this
focus on the lecturer, what he is saying

Jerry- ok bro

Jerry- (question again)
do you know her class
or anything about her

Gary- it’s the first day, how should I know

Jerry- logical (laughs)

scene 2

Diana enters the class
the whole class was looking at her

Diana- Sir may I come in

teacher- come in

Diana sits on the first seat opens her bag and starts focusing on the lecture

(whole class looking at her vigorously)

Scene 3

canteen during the lunch

Gary and Jerry both find Diana again
where jeers jaws dropped again after seeing her

jerry- Gary I want to know her name

Gary- better ask her not to me

Jerry – alright buddy

Jerry moves towards Diana’s table slowly
and Diana observed him and said-

Diana– hii

jerry- hii

Diana – if u don’t mind can I know your name

Jerry– tell his name
and ask back her name

Diana tells her name

they both started talking and Jerry ask her

jerry- if u don’t mind can I get your Instagram or something by which I can contact you

Diana– why you wanna contact me

Jerry- like umm for being friends

Diana- good idea

(Diana gave her contact to him)

Diana stands up and says bye to Jerry with a pretty smile on her face to jerry

gary notices everything and thinks why Jerry, not me?

to be continued in next episode………….

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