Ep-3 : The War Field Nights

Protect the Promise

After a fail Discussion King Daimer came out from the hall with a huge anger and ordered to Fradric Willson

King Daimer- Mr. Willson!! please write a clear letter to The King of Princypia ( Nomar Jonah) and told them that Cynoland is our responsibility. So, Being a responsible Nation, The Capital of Ritardo will Keep its promise.

Fradric Willson- ohk… My Lord I will send it personally

King Daimer- and don’t forget to include that ‘ An Attack on Cynoland will be treated as an Attack on Capital of Ritardo’

Scene 2

The king is sitting lonely in his Lobby and thinking about his promise which he gave to the people of Cynoland…….

Suddenly Syper Solin comes to meet him

Syper Solin- Sorry to say My Lord!! I don’t know, what was held in the discussion but something is disturbing you

King Daimer (Thinking) – Syper we don’t want a war because war brings destruction and Massacre of my innocent people but on the other side I gave a promise to the people of Cynoland.

I am in a dilemma, What to choose !!

Syper Solin- My King !! Warriors are make only for War, And Warriors don’t escape from his promises. I am with your decision ‘ to protect Cyno’s.

I know this, they help you in your bad days and save your life from the fleets of Masscara pirates

King Daimer- But Syper what about my people??

Syper Solin- This is not about their and our people, It’s all about Humanity.

And Warriors always Stand for Humanity.

King Daimer– Thank you Syper for helping me to get out from this dilemma.

I am ready to keep my promise. ‘ I know the War is coming ‘

Scene 3

Commander Solemar to His King Nomar Jonah– Brother King Daimer Refuse our proposal and Sent a letter to you

Nomar Jonah– Please read, What he says in this letter

Solemar (briefing the Letter)- King Daimer Clearly says that “Cynoland is a responsibility of Capitals Of Ritardo” And they Ready to protect Cyno’s from any circumstances.

Nomar Jonah (asked to Solemar)- How much time you need to ready our army for this war

Solemar (answered)- Only 2 days my Lord!!

Nomar Jonah( ordered )- Then why are you still waiting, Go and ready the soldiers for this War!!

To be continued in next episode………………..

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