After the first two lectures, Love and his gang have slipped out of the class .We see them sitting near the backdoor ready to go out of the class, they say ‘yes sir’ to their roll calls and get out of the class expertly.
Pratyush has been staring at Neha since morning although she never paid any attention to him. Pratyush’s gang senses this and start teasing him
‘She is looking at you’ one of his friend said,when Pratyush was trying to pay attention to the teacher and write notes. He looked excitedly at Neha only to find him look the other way. Everybody laughs mockingly .One of the boys suggests Pratyush to exchange seats with Toplu,the bespectacled super thin super short guy with wired teeth who was sitting behind Neha,tried to exchange seat with Pratyush,but he hits his leg with the bench which made a loud noise,the teacher notices him, and says,’This was not expected from you Shashank,Why did you get up from your seat?’
Toplu stood their apologetically,’Now get out of the class” the teacher scolded him. Humiliated Toplu walks out of the class.

Everybody in the class laughs in a guilty hushed giggles including Neha and her friends.She looks at Pratyush for the first time as he was the main culprit.She was smiling but when she looks at him suddenly she makes a blank face and starts looking at the board again.Pratyush looks at the backside of her white kurta ,perhaps trying to see something (his hormones are rushing now).

Now to grab girls attention,he starts talking to the boy sitting beside him,”And Mr.Scholar whats up?,these girls must be coming to you for all their doubts and all,they all love you” (loud enough to be audible to the girls ahead,Neha’s benchmate smiles at this conversation,Neha makes an annoyed face).

“Making fun of me huh? You are the one who’s the scholar here with 90%” says the boy good naturedly .Pratyush gets awkward at this over exaggerated praise.”The girls love you”,the boy continued. “People who are into books all day,the girls dont give them much looks”,Pratyush replied in style. “Not even with that cool bie of yours?” ,the boy asked cheesily.”Not uptill now bro,but dont know on any crossroads of MG Road, ablue Activa may collide with mine”,he smiled wickedly.(They had just crossed each other at a crossroad of MG Road in the morning,Pratyush on his bike and Neha on her blue Activa).


All the girls sat in a circle in the ground outside,Neha sat there grinning widely.

Her friend tells about Neha to everyone,”Today full DDLJ was going on in the class”

Neha grins even wider.

Girl 2-With whom?Pratyush?

Girl 1-Yup,He was in full SRK mode today.

Neha lies down in the grass laughing.

Girl 3-Nice!!

Girl 4-But be careful it only remains DDLJ and doesn’t become Grand Masti for you.

Neha and Pratyush cross each other near the watercooler.They stop for a moment smiling shyly,exchanging shy glances their heartbeats beating shyly and when their friends call them,they go.

In the canteen-

Aman-I want a party today bro.

Pratyush-Okay!get a samosa for yourself.

Ayush-C’mon man.Neha and you coochie cooed today. Today’s a big day. I want party at the MCD today.

Pratyush-“When i get something from her”,we’ll go to McD that day.”,he smiles naughtily.

All 3 friends laugh,making obscene gestures and faces.

Toplu(to his friend)-Yrr, the girl’s matter his,why was i insulted!(Almost crying).Also attendance was cut.WHY??(crying even more)

Suddenly something cylindrical hits in his face and he was falls down.

It is two people carrying a huge banner rolled into a cylinder. It was so huge that,’Pratyush’ remarks to his friends proudly-“My size”,all of them laughs.

Neha and her friends loo upwards,that a large banner was being hung on a building.


to be continue in next episode of I Became You And You Became Me………..

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