Ep 4: The Fallen Love


Do we care

scene 1
Diana just came home and start calling her mom and telling her hows the day

Diana- Mom I am home
Mom- ye I know it stop shouting, and how was your day
get refreshed and come to the table for food

Diana- ok

(Diana came and start telling her mom shows her day)

Diana- I meet a guy name, Jerry

Mom- well haha

Diana- Mum don’t laugh

ok ok

both finish the conversation and go to bed

scene 2

Gary tells Jerry not to think about her and focus on their studies

scene 3

author- what do you people think why Gary interrogating Jerry

does he like her too?

does she like someone or it’s just Jerry will win

well, do we care?
of course, we do

scene 5

Richman- hii Diana

Diana- aw so late
to be continued

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