Ep 5: The War Field Nights

Enter the battel Field

King Mussoli is the small brother of King Daimer and he doesn’t like his big brother king Daimer because he wanted to rule all the 35 capitals of Ritardo but Daimer don’t want to break the historical help treaty between 7 capitals of Ritardo and other Independent Empires of Ritardo.

However King Daimer loves his small brother Mussoli and he gave his northen states to his brother Mussoli to rule but Mussoli treat him like a weak ruler because king Daimer didn’t want to attack small empires of Ritardo.

As the discussion is going on in the secret room…….

King Mussoli- I think you don’t have any answer to my question, my Kings!!

Syper Solin- King Mussoli, You are right, But we can not bow down our heads in the feet of King Nomar Jonah.

King Mussoli- Mr. Syper I am saying that you should accept the defeat

I just want to explain that you give them a way to go to Cynoland without any interference.

King Semual – I think King Mussoli is right, they have huge army as well as strong allies

So, we should give them a way to Cynoland and stop this war before start

Syper Solin- My lords!! What’s the guarantee that they won’t attack us after they take over Cynoland?

It is not only about Cynoland, it is also about our own security because they can attack us anytime in future.

King Denuse- But Mr. Syper we don’t have enough food that we won’t be able to fight for a long time and will lose the war.

King Daimer– my friends!! Warriors never see an excuse to avoid war, warriors churn the strategy to win the war, so being a great warrior stat preparing yourself for the great War.

And in war it’s never the ability that counts, but the confidence

Syper Solin – My lords!! All we need is a straight and strong answer whether you all are with us in this dilemma or not.

All the Allies in a huge Voice- yes….. we are ready to win this great war

King Daimer– What do you think of King Mussoli?

King Mussoli- My Lord!! if everyone agrees to this, then there is no point in me backing down.

King Daimer to Syper Solin- Send word to King Nomar Jonah that we are ready for battle

And inform all the commanders of your army that prepare the soldiers for the war…………….

to be continue in next Episode…

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