Near Sur Sadan where the exhibition was to e held there is the most happening club,where they all have planned to go before the exhibition.None of these were taking this exhibition seriously.They just saw it as an opportunity to mingle up with the girls,for the first time in their lives like this.

Pratyush was in front of the mirror combing his hair again and again wearing a jeans and t-shirt.He leaves to find his shoes.His phone buzzes,”Aman”-“Where are you brother.dont you want to become YO-YO today”

Pratyush-“If i ever find my shoes on time,i will definitely be YO-YO.

Neha and the girls are in the club.

Ankita-“Just say that the chief guest was late,and then we’ll sleep at my house”

every girl cheers except Neha,

“We’ll spend the night together girls”

every girl cheers.

Then one of the other girl’s put a glass on Neha’s mouth forcibly and makes her drink.While this one of the girl says,”Are its nothing,nothing happens by this.” and she drinks it.

We see Pratyush and gang entering there and being blown away.

Pratyush-With his eyes widened,”Are we in Agra?”

My Lost Story

Aman and Ayush together-“ekdum se waqt adal gaya,jazaat badal gye,duniya badal gyi”

Pratyush-“Listen carefully guys,we are here to flirt.we’ll not drink much”

Ayush-“Good for health and my bank account too”

Sugriv and his gang was also there and they looed like they were a hundred drinks down.

Sugriv looks at Pratyush and after pouring a peg into his mouth he says,”Today i am gonna beat you bastard”.

“and then eat your girl”,one of his friends say.

Everyody laughed but not Sugriv,he is intense,his eyes unhinged,his thoughts unhinged which usually happens with people who are excessively drunk.

He clenches his fists and walks briskly towards Pratyush with no concern of the surroundings.He wals upto Pratyush,stands in front of him.He is a bit taller and loos much stronger than Pratyush ready to beat him to pulp.

Sugriv looks him in the eye,Pratyush confused as to why is he looking at him like this.

One boy-“Bro he’s gone today”

Other boy-“I also like Neha,but from now on i wont even look at her”

Sugriv stands in front of him for a moment looing him in the eye and then,he passes out falling on the floor near a girl’s feet.

We hear applause.

A stage is set,with an anchor on stage,Toplu is sitting on one of the front rows which is empty.He looks both sides which are long empty.He sees another bespectacled girl sitting far away.They loo at each other surprised.

A group of dignitaries is sitting on the stage,at the centre which there is Mohan Bharghav .The creator of ’empathy machine’.

There were 7 dignitaries on the stage of which all were to come one by one on a stage and were to give a speech and at least Mr.Mohan Bharghav would come give his speech and revealhis invention. This whole thing was about to take 2 to 2.5 hours.It also had a classical dance and play with a social message by some students for the audiences. A classical dance starts.Toplu had already walked upto that girl.

The Boys and Girls drinking and having shots in the club along with Neha.

Pratyush,Aman and Ayush have spent all their money on the drinks and are now busy dancing and watching girls drink and getting jealous of their boyfriends.

Then they see Neha’s intoxicated face,she was in a different trance ‘liberated’.She has had too many shots by now.Pratyush is looing at her with desire.She loos at Pratyush and says “Oh!Mr Black bike,come here why are you so far away.

Pratyush walks upto her smilingly a bit shyly,while Neha looks at him mischiveously at him.

In the auditorium a long speech is going on,Toplu is bored.

He looks at the girl beside him.They both smiled,he says shyly gathering some courage,”Bahr Chle Kya”.She smiles and says,”ok”.

A boy is chasing a girl playfully,they both laughing and giggling.Pratyush and Neha are now outside the disco in the section where the tables are laid out, she is on one side of the table, he is on the other side.She was teasing him to chase her,they play around the table. She runs in the other direction,he chases her, catches her one hand.She laughs and shouts playfully.. She puts some force gets rid of his hesitant but greedy grip and says “now try to catch me this time”,her intoxication was so high that this time she runs out of the club on the road,Pratyush follows her outside,once he gets a bit close to her,she runs harder,saying”NO!No!No!”. She runs towards Sur Sadan. Although Pratyush can catch her but he doesn’t he is enjoying the course of events and decides to go with the flow.

Neha madly runs into a gate,opening it.He follows her. They run through an empty gallery where the sound of the ongoing speech is audible,some kids in fancy costumes are sitting and standing there.There was also a door in the front,Neha teasing Pratyush bangs the door open.

They see a machine with two seats opposite of each other,with silver helmets above the seats.

Neha sits on one of the seats,Pratyush sits on the another.They loo towards each other in the eye.On the stage Mr.Mohan is giving his speech about empathy and all that stuff.

Neha puts on the helmet on her head and makes strange faces and sounds like a robot,he also does the same and she ics him with the sound “Dish Dish”,he also does the same they both have a wide smile on their faces now.She pics up a remote control on the side tale of her chair points towards Pratyush and presses the utton,maing the sound “BOOM”,electricity spars in oth their helmets as well as on the connecting bar on their tops with sparks.The security team comes rushing in.

Mohan Bharghav finishes his speech,with “This machine,the future of the world is bright” in a loud voice and the lights of the whole auditorium goes off and their is pitch darkness.

The security team finds both Neha and Pratyush sitting still with their heads still in their helmets.

Neha gains conciousness in between,she sees a doctor checking her and says that she is alright,she will e alright by morning..Neha lies there,tired not being ale to sleep.She goes in the car with other girls(with no thoughts in her head).Same happens with Pratyush(with no thoughts in his head either).His friends drop him home and her friends boo an OLA and take her to Ankita’s home at 1 AM in night. Ankita’s father loos at the driver suspiciously and ass all the girls to spend the night there.They inform at their houses,Neha’s father talks to Ankita’s parents and is convinced.

To be continued in next episode of I became you and you became me….

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