Ep 7: The War Field Nights

time to strategize

Night time: And both the camps have started strategizing for the morning war.

Allies of both the Nations are also deciding their participation for the strategies

In the army Camp of King Nomar Jonah………….

Solemar Jonah ( Army Commander of King Nomar Addressing his Allies)- Well wishers of Principia, today your support is boosting our morale even more.

Principia will always be indebted for your kind support. As a citizen and commander of the nation of Principia, I would like to be the first to thank you for your unconditional support.

As we have fought many wars in the past, and all the wars have resulted in our victory.

And in this episode, I wish that the result of this war that starts tomorrow is our victory.

King Moron ( one of his Allies)- Mr. Solemar, Thank you for your honor, we all allies are ready to fight with you in any situation whatever it may be

But there is a doubt in my mind: when you fought with King Damer’s father in the past, you still had much more army and ammunition than him.

As my father told, you were in the lead from the start. But how did you lose that battle so badly when you came to the end??

King Nomar Jonah- Looks like you doubt our ability, King Moron.

Mistakes made in the past do not mean that today also we will repeat the same mistakes.

And it is not important what we were before, what is important is what we are today.

And at this time no nation is strong enough to confront us,

King Moron- I’m sorry my lord, I didn’t mean that

King Nomar Jonah- No problem, keep focus on war.

At the same time in the army camp of King Daimer……………

Syper Solin – Good evening My Lords!! We are here for an important purpose: To protect humanity and to lick the dust of every force that destroys humanity.

They may exceed us in strength but not in morale, As you all must have heard from your elders that in the past also we showed defeat to them:

Our great king Daimer turned their victory into defeat by his courage and morale.

Despite having a large army, they could not stand before the sword of King Daimer.

King Mussoli – But he had to pay the price of this victory with the death of his father.

King Daimer- Massoli it was not my fault it was father’s decision, I could not do anything about it.

And as for not allowing you to come, I did it to protect you.

Syper Solin- Sorry to say My Lord Mussoli , This is not the time to remember old differences:

We need you at this time as a brother

King Mussoli- This war is not for you, I will fight to avenge my father’s death.

Syper Solin- Thank you my Lord !!

I would like to know for the last time from all of you allies whether you all are with us in this war or not??

All Allies in a single voice- Yes, we all are fully prepared for this war and will not hesitate to give our lives if needed.

King Daimer- thank you respected kings, Now take rest for tomorrow.

see you tomorrow on the battlefield, good night!!

To be continue in next episode…….

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