Ep-8: The War Field Nights

Sunrise of Carnage

Desire for unnecessary war is the origin of destruction:

There are always two sides to war, One against humanity and one for humanity. Without war, humanity cannot be protected nor can humanity be destroyed through war.

Because during the time of war, humanity gets destroyed and at the same time, peace comes only after the war. War is done to destroy humanity and at the same time war is done to save humanity.

Therefore we can say that war is the cause of peace and war is the cause of unrest.

With sunrise the armies on both sides started moving. Allies on both sides have been deployed with their responsibilities.

There is only one question in everyone’s mind “Will they be able to see the outcome of this war or not?

The commanders of both sides have come face to face And challenging each other to war. And at the same time they are talking about ending the war with their victory.

The kings of both sides have also come to the battlefield.

king Nomar Jonah– My dear friends, we have to end this war today itself. So that no one can dare to collide with us in the future.

King Daimer- I regret to inform you that this dream of yours cannot become a reality and I am laughing: being such an intelligent person, you are dreaming with open eyes.

King Nomar- Today you will know who is dreaming and who is reality and with this I will pray to God that you get an easy death from my hands.

King Daimer- Wars are won not by force and words but by strength of mind and as for my death, I don’t know but I promise that you will die with this sword of mine. And this time I will never make the mistake of forgiving you.

King Nomar (sounding the war bugle)- Attack!!

King Daimer- Attack!!

As soon as the war bugle sounded, the armies from both sides attacked each other like hungry wolves.

The cavalry of Nomar’s army advanced rapidly, making way for the infantry. The cavalry of Nomar was three times the number and more efficient than the cavalry of Daimer. They’re leaving them burning like a pack of cards. The war of the mind ends now

Then Musoli asks his capable archers to take charge of the that front. And Damer directs the cavalry to move from there to the other side.

Solemar Jonah is leading his infantry and moving forward quickly and ordered his infantry into a circle.Due to which Dahmer’s infantry could be surrounded from all sides.

Realizing this, Syper Solin, Musoli and Fradrick Wilson divided the army into three parts. Musoli faces from the center and Syper Solin from the left and Fradrick Wilson from the right. And move towards them faster.

Daimer quickly confronts the cavalry along with other generals. But still Nomar’s cavalry seems to be overpowering them. Damer is trying to prevent their cavalry from getting close to his archer army.

Then comes a bad news

King Denuse to King Daimer – your brother Mussoli is badly surrounded by the enemy’s army. If we do not help now, his life is in danger and we will lose a front.

To be continued in next episode………………

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