Ep-9 : The War Field Nights

Moment of Dilemma

As soon as King Daimer came to know that his brother Mussoli was badly surrounded by the enemy army, King Damer led his convoy towards where Mussoli was.

King Daimer moves forward, driving his horse faster than the wind and destroying the enemy army. Love for his brother and anger for his enemy could be clearly seen in his eyes.

It seemed as if today he would destroy everything. Seeing this form of his, the enemy army was stunned. Whoever was coming in front of him, The tried to save their life by moving away.

Within a few moments he reached the circle where his brother Mussoli was surrounded by enemies. Syper Solin also reaches from behind to protect him.

As soon as they enter the sacred circle, they are suddenly taken away from all sides of the circle. Syper Solin immediately realized that this was a trick of the enemy in which they had tricked.

Captain Solin immediately tried to calm King Damer Who was indiscriminately biting the enemy army like insects, Also informed about this to king Mussoli.

Seeing the seriousness of the situation and Mussoli, King Daimer’s anger calmed down to some extent. And immediately he tried to get out of the circle along with everyone.

But they were badly surrounded by enemies from all sides. There was no way to escape and the enemy’s army was getting closer to them with time.

King Daimer had realized that there was only one way out of this: that is death, either the enemy’s or our own.

King Daimer to Mussoli & Syper : We are hopelessly trapped in the midst of the enemy. There is no way to escape from here. Either destroy them or they will destroy us.

Syper Solin to King Daimer: Only if we somehow stop them till our army come, we can escape from here safely.

King Daimer to all : My brave soldiers, show how much strength you have, show that each of our soldiers can defeat even 100 enemy soldiers.

All the solders in a single line: we are ready to saw our capability

Each soldier attacked the enemy with all his might.Soon everyone started chasing them fearlessly without caring for their own lives.

But the enemy soldiers had completely trapped them in their grip and were not letting them escape despite their best efforts. Gradually, more than half of the soldiers of Daimer’s army were martyred……

To be continue in next episode……..of ” The War Field Nights”

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