Episode 4- The Concealed truth


Third person’s pov;

After their conversation Malcom go to hold a meeting with his staff leaving Sofia in her room confused….

Her wounds are now dressed completely, but her mind is still stuck at actions of Malcom.

Sofia’s pov:

” he is just a psychopath'”

I groan loudly remembering the conversation. “How can he……how DARE he….he came too much closer to me…..”

As a sigh left my mouth

I am sitting in the balcony near the swing as I put my face in my palm……unknowingly I am blushing over the fact that he was close to me….WAIT WHAT????

‘Fine i know he is handsome …….actually saying ‘only handsome’ will be a disrespect to his visuals… he seems like a Greek god…his dark forest like green eyes can make anyone nervous, I might had not saw his body but i can imagine him having tons of abs and a broad chest, he go to gym so obviously he is muscular……all this time the only man like him i have seen is my own brother……but now the truth is this that he is not even comparable to Malcom…I had heard maids in the mansion wisp ring about the fact that he never touch women….which make me feel numb ……..if he had never touch a woman then why the hell he came hella close to me every time….’

‘but we should not believe on rumors’…..’

‘I had also heard many talking about sluts coming in the mansion……of course he is handsome, rich, muscular, a top mafia, a well known businessman and what not…..why would he will remain virgin even after possessing such type of beauty’

I lost in my thoughts, when I suddenly hear a gunshot.


my eyes widen remembering the maid which help me last night to escape she is new here…..did he kil- no no no….

I instantly get up and run towards the direction from where the sound came..it came from downstairs…

just at the scene in front of me my eyes widen as a gasp left my mouth.

That lady is lying on the ground lifeless a man is also there lying lifelessly near the lady maybe he was her husband…..

“ARE YOU MAD OR WHAT..” i instantly became unable to control my anger as tears weld up in my eyes

” keep you mouth shut if you don’t want to die instantly” Malcom said while coming at my direction………..there is his friend also and many other men, where some taking the body out and some are just chatting as if nothing happened.

just as he reach near me I instantly back away.

“don’t c-come n-near me” now my emotion are over flowing i starts sobbing loudly

I am emotional…..too much emotional

that lady was sweet and kind and he killed her……

” don’t make a scene here sof-” I cut him off


I said while shouting from top of my lungs…….why he every time do this…at first he saw himself as sweet and just in another moment he became “A MONSTER WHOM I MERE HATE”.

To be continue in next episode of ” The Concealed Truth …….

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