Famous scientist Dr.Mohan Bhargav has invented a new machine which he calls the most important need of the whole present day humanity.
It is for every human being on the planet.
Mr.Mohan Bharghav is going to uncover the machine today at the Sur-Sadan stage today.
Students of science stream are invited to witnessing the uncovering of the invention.
the banner said.
Aman-“Have they made immortality drink” (laughter)

Boys to each other,”Should we go,today evening”

Ayush-“Should we?”,making a dismissive face.

Pratyush-“of course,the world is going to change.Atleast we should know,what’s this all about.”

Aman-“Neha is my world”

Pratyush-“F*** OFF”

Girls to each other

Neha-“I will pick you up at 6, today”

Girl 2-“o,and who will pickup,the booze.”

Neha-(reclusively)I dont drink,and neither will you,or either i will beat you up.

Pratyush to his boys-“I dont drink”

Aman-“why would you drink,you are intoxicated by Neha’s love”

Pratyush jumps on him to beat him up.

We follow a bag (Pratyush’s bag), Ayush is carrying this bag.Anita is standing in the girl gang,she walks upto Ayush,she smiles (her trademark miscjieious yet mature smile) taes the ag and places it next to Neha.While Neha is eating lunch and is making plans for the evening.

Neha-“We’ll come bac home before 9

Girl 1-No yaar atleast stay there till 11

Neha-“No question of that,Papa wont allow to be so late”

Pratyush getting nervously excited,because he has to wal to Neha to pickup his bag.His heart beating faster,hormones rushing we see his nervous face.

Ankita maes everyone wal away from Neha.She eat’s her tiffin alone there.

Boys-By the way Ankita too is gorgeous.

Pratyush wals there,acting as if he was searching for the bag,and acts little surprised.They both see each other.She sees him approaching her with a bit surprise(thining how has become so bold).

Then he points towards the bag shyly,”Oh!those idiots have put it there”,with a wide smile.

Neha says shyly,”I see”

Pratyush-Pretending to lift his bag(hormones still on fire),not making eye contact with Neha,asks,”Are you coming today evening?”

His voice low,barely audible to Neha.

She hears it and says,”Yes and you”?

Pratyush-Yes!hmm we are coming.Barely making eye contact with her.

To be continued in next episode of I became you and you became me…..


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