I Became You And You Became Me

I Became You and You Became Me
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I Became You And You Became Me

Why a rich man exchange his life with a simple girl


“At last, we are finally here, on the same chairs we were on that fateful night”, thought Neha as Rohan sir, their teacher and former student of the Legendary scientist tied up a helmet on her head and was making the various electrical connections.

But Neha’s attention was only focused on Pratyush’s face, the boy sitting on the other chair of the miracle machine, the machine because of which they both were in this extraordinary situation.

The thing that captivated the most about Pratyush’s face was the expression, it was an expression of extreme relief, as if an astronaut was finally going to safeland on earth after lost space for many years, as if a submarine pilot safely came out of Marianna trench after losing every contact with the base station, as if a prisoner coming out of a solitary jail after 20 years of imprisonment.

Ideally Neha should also be feeling the same, but she had none of those thoughts, the past few days flickered in front of her eyes ,but there was a difference. In the thoughts about the past few days, she had an additional pair of wings on her, as if she did not walk the past few days ,she flew.

She felt the kind of power she had never felt ever in all the 19 years of her life. She continued to stare at Pratyush’s face, she too a deep breath and thought its “NOW OR NEVER”.

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