Ep-2: The Concealed Truth

1. Enemy ?


Malcom asked being furious over his staff.
she runaway again. Leaving a aggressive and furious Malcom behind.

“we are trying our best, she is in the territory don’t worry” Aaron said.

“Search every single forest, I don’t want anyone to leave the continent. Stop every single route water, air, from everywhere, I don’t want a single bird to leave from here” Malcom said being furious in his deep voice.

Everyone are trying their best to search Sofia.
Some are trying to locate her , some trying to track her ,but all in vein.

After sometime Malcom decides to search her by himself.

”They have kidnapped her. She was their rivals sister.”
Malcom is the top most mafia and it seems like a shame for him that a girl runaway from his highly guarded mansion, that’s even the 6th time in 2nd months.

he starts bike and go away in search of her .

Just after a mile away he spots a blue bike coated with black and red color.
That is his bike.

He is shock from the bike’s condition.
Headlight is broke, the left side of it is fully destroy, the engine is about to be blast, and it is not red ‘color’ which he noticed before it is clearly ‘blood’.

The whole surrounding is covered with blood.


“f****” He curse under his breath and go inside the forest following the stains of blood.

he is going more deep into the forest but instantly stopped when he hear her sobbing, cringe, cursing her destiny.

“I told him before to atlest teach me how to ride bot NO………..why would he , because of my sweet stupid mof**k brother I stuck here again AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!” she shouts because of the pain in her arms.

He is now more thrilled to see her condition

Her arms are bleeding badly ,while their is a cut on her collarbone. Her leg seems to be hurt badly and her hair was tied in massy bun.
There is a whole pool of blood coming from her but still ,all she is thinking about is escaping from him.

All this time Malcom is hiding behind the tree so that she will not notice him, but when he hears her shouting he is unable to control his inner self anymore and go in front of her.

She hears footsteps coming and when she look at the direction she is leave in shock.
“you?” She said with the rest of the energy left in her body.

He doesn’t utter a single word but came near her and throw her over his shoulder.

‘Everything went in vein.’ Sofia is cursing in her mind.

He takes her near his bike and make her sit while making her wear the helmate.

“Don’t move too much, once we reach the mansion I will treat your wounds ” He says while wearing his helmate.

“NO NEED” Sofia gives him a short furious reply.

he takes deep breath and start engine towards the mansion.

”There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be……….”

Let’s see where destiny takes them……..

To be Continue in next Episode of The Concealed Truth……………………………………………

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