Episode 3 : The Concealed Truth


After reaching the mansion.

Malcom takes Sofia to her room and start to treat her wound just as he said. To clear the blood he first soak towel in water and gently starts to clean her blood.

“When you don’t know how to ride, then why you always choose bike to runaway?” he said being a bit angry at sofia’s stupidness.

suddenly because of the pain she whined.
“ohh , you ok? …..is it still hurts?”
he says suddenly being all worried for her .

The girl herself is in deep shock.

“Did I heard it right?..you were worried for me?” she says being whole shocked.

Her facial expressions is saying everything.
From the thing which her brother used to tell her about Malcom.
she think of him as a heartless, curler, and ruthless mafia who can even kill his beloved one just in a snap……but here she just whined a little and he became worried for her?………..something is different …….

She is just thinking about these thing being whole unnoticed about the fact that she is starring at him in whole shock.

He raised his one brow and said “Don’t be dramatic , and don’t make this type of face, if you re going to give me this kind of expression, do it by your own then “

” I don’t even need you” she said with an expressionless face

She take towel from his hand and starts to clean her wound by her self now.

Stubborn would be great word to define both of them they have equal anger, equal coldness, and both are equally stubborn.

He stand from the ground while clenching his fist and trying to control his anger, he clench his jaw when he saw her struggling with it.

He grabs sofia’s wrist and make her stand he gently with a bit of furiousness pinned her to the nearby wall , near the bed…… her back is facing the wall while they both are face to face. Malcom , who is already enough energy to burn the entire land , is towering over her.

“What.is.your.problem” he said in deep aggressive voice.

“even is this something to ask….YOU……..of course you” Sofia said trying not to be weak.

She add more in her statement.

“….what do you want. Are you even a MAN…listen Mr. f*******g Malcom ,if my brother get to know where I am he will for sure burn this f******g land of your’s and I will kill you myself, with my own hands” she said losing the control over her anger.

Malcom suddenly starts to laugh like a manic on Sofia’s statement.

“it is not a joke” Sofia shout on him.

“You think you and your brother are able to come on my land and kill me?” Malcom said still laughing.

Suddenly his whole expression change from laughing to hella aggressive.

“listen little bird, I am running this mafia shit for more than 7 years, More than your own Hight , and you are threating me to kill me that’s even in front of me” he said deeply in her ear.

he came close to her leaving no space between them, he is taller than Sofia, he is 6 feet straight where as she is more looking like a lost kid in front of him.

while he is busy in treating her back… she successes in finding the small knife near the nightstand, leaving no time her attack him with the knife in hope to at least make him unconscious.

But she failed…..Again.

He is fast enough to safely hold her hand from which she is holding the knife.

he gently snatch the knife from her hand and throw it far away in he room. She is face palmed now, at least this time she is out of energy….but at least she tried.
he softly spin her around and again pin her to the wall this time her face is facing the wall and her back is facing his broad chest.

she curse under her breath and he again towering over her.

“Not fast enough little bird” he said with a smirk on his face.

he comes more close to her inhaling her scent.

Malcom’s pov

It’s wrong , I know it’s wrong but I don’t want to accept this.
It’s been whole f*******g months and she is here near me….WHY?????

I don’t know why I care, also don’t want to know her just want to live in present forgetting about the past and future.

I don’t know if I like her Perfume or what but I likes her fragrant I can feel she is tensed……she should be….she always makes me angry over her statements or over her action’s .

I again spin her and pined her to the wall again leaving no gap, i hold her waist to which she protested but i ignore her protest she is just like a kid……..why I’m even thinking about these things…

We are enough close to know the heartbeats of each other her heart is beating like a psycho and so mine……our closeness is taking more and more test of us we both starts to breath heavily because of the closeness as the tension increases more time by time…..

‘That’s it……..end it’ thoughts are coming in my mind continuously.

my both hands are on both side of her body one on the wall while other on her slight slim waist.

“you will surely die with my hand…..pervert” She said with that pre-….she said just said.

she is more furious now then before because of my action…and I like it…….I like to make her furious and fight with her.

I went more near her pulling her more towards me, her eyes widen as a gasp left her mouth. She was near me as my breath touches her neck

“if it’s you little bird…..I am ready to die a million times”

to be continue in next episode……….

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