Ep-2: The War Field Nights

The beginning of The Empire

As the History told us that the story of Empires can not be completed without the blood, there were so many innocents who died in Massacre without reason

But a question is still same ‘Was it necessary’ then the answer is still the same ‘there is a system of nature, only Strength can last’


Lonard Daimer (Emperor, of 7 capitals of Ritardo) is playing Polo with his Army Commander Syper Solin

Syper Solin (Gaspingly)- My Lord !! I know you are the most powerful king in All the Great Empires of Ritardo but you have only 7 Empires of Ritardo

Our Soldiers have enough capability to won All the 35 Empires of the Great Ritardo (The Great Ritardo was the group of 35 empires , considering 7 big and other small capitals), Why are you still waiting we are waiting for your order from 5 years. It’s a great time to break our limitations

King Daimer (Getting off his horse) – Syper, Some times limitations gives us advantage to be prepared well. So, keep humble prepared when the time will came we will do that.


King Daimer believes in God and he follow the path of Good Karma, The People of his State respect him because he frame the policies only for his people prosperity and happiness.

In the Court

Fradric Willson (General Secretary) – Your majesty!! The Brother of King Nomar Jonah (Emperor of Princypia), wants to meet you.

King Daimer – ohk….. I know very well why he wants to meet me

Syper Solin– My Lord!! But We can listen What he wants

King Daimer– Invite him for a meeting

Scene 3

The Brother and Army commander of King Nomar Jonah, Selomar Jonah Came to Capital of Ritardo to meet king Daimer

Selomar Johnah ( with a huge Voice)- The great King of 7 capitals of Ricardo, Please accept my warm greetings on the behalf of King Nomar Jonah.

King Daimer – Welcome Commander Selomar to the 7 Capitals of Ritardo,

Fradric Willson- we hope you didn’t have any trouble getting here!!

Selomar– No, My Lord it’s my fortune to came here

King daimer and Selomar are talking in private

King Daimer- What you want from me and what is the real purpose of this meeting

Selomar- My Lord, you know very well why I am here

King Daimer- Selomar, You Also know that what is my answer, and I never change my decisions.

Selomar– Sometimes changing the previous decisions good for you and your surrounding people

King Daimer ( Angry )- I have promised to protect the People of Cynoland. So, I will never share my Land with you to kill those innocent people.

Selomar- Think twice my lord they are not your people!! what if you lost your people for those despicable Tribes. Only for a baseless promise…

King Daimer ( In a high angry voice ) – Shut up!! Selomar, don’t even let a word out of your mouth, get out from here otherwise I cut your head out of your body.

And Set a thing in your mind that ‘my promise is my honor and I can’t allow anyone to break my Honor’

Selomar ( Going to outside) – then ready to face the consequences of your stupidity!!

To be continue in next Episode of The war field nights…………………………….

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