Ep4: The War Field Nights

Beginning of the war

Today’s sunrise is not usual for the people Ritardo, Princypia & Cynoland. As well as the sun spread its rays in the ground rapidly, the fear of the war also spread rapidly. Everyone is talking about the war field nights and no one knows what to be happed in next few hours.

Soldiers are preparing their weapons and trying to meet with their beloved ones.

Syper Solin ( to his King Daimer)- A very good morning My Lord !!

King Daimer– Good morning Syper, I know you are here to tell me that King Nomar Jonah is ready for War.

Syper – Yes My Lord!! They told us that we have only a half day to decide. If we go against them then they are ready for The War

King Daimer ( in a high voice)– Tell them King Lonard Daimer doesn’t change his decisions and they want war then we are ready to cut the throat of our enemy.

And call all the officials and allies of Retardo for an urgent secret meeting

Syper (in a hurry)- As your order My Lord!!

In the secret meeting room with officials and allies of Ritardo

Fradric willson (General secretary)- As everyone knows we are here because there is a threat which is coming towards Ritardo and we are here to protect Ritardo from this threat, being a allies we were promise to protect each other from any threat.

Syper Solin- As a ally we were with you in all the serious situations, So this is the time for you to revert back

King Denuse (Ally from East Retardo)– You are absolutely right Syper, King Daimer always with the people of East Ritardo to face any serious threat, It is our duty to protect Ritardo.

King Semual (Ally from west Retardo)– Yes, People of west Ritardo are also ready to give their blood

King Mussoli (Ally from North Retardo)- I am agree with both of you but don’t forget an important thing before taking any decision

King Daimer- Which thing King Mussoli, I think you forget that when they were at problem, we help them then what is the problem??

King Mussoli – But King you know very well king Nomar Jonah has biggest horse army and not only King Nomar but also his Allies are very storng.

Syper Solin- King Mussoli !! Why you are doing thing my Lord this is not only for Allies but also King Daimer is your Big Brother.

King Mussoli- Syper try to understand the seriousness of the threat, as an Ally we are not so strong and you know very well that we have not enough storage of food to fight a big war.

Now Tell me King Denuse & King Semual have you enough food???………

to be continue in next episode……..

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