Ep 6: The War Field Nights

A call for the War

Unfortunately the day comes. The Sun has rise, and both armies are ready to fight in the war field of Red Castle.

before the War, both kings schedule a last meeting as a rule of war to clear the doubts officially

Syper Solin to king Daimer- My Lord !! King Nomar Jonah Send a letter for a final meet as a rule before war at battel field of Red Castle

King Daimer- What about deployment of our army and armory in the Red Castle field??

Fradric Willson (Army Commander)- My Lord!! The cavalry of our army stands there like a wall in front of the enemy’s army

And Some troops have been deployed on mules to carry more ammunition.

Our allies are also standing shoulder to shoulder with their army on the battlefield

Everyone is waiting for your orders.

King Daimer – Great Mr. Willson prepare to go on the field

Fradric Willson- As your order my lord!!

King Damer left the capital to go to the battlefield for the last meeting.

King Nomar Jonah Was already there and waiting for the Last meeting

At the afternoon King Daimer arrived Red Castle battle field

King Daimer meets at a new location for a final rendezvous with the enemy

In the Final Meeting………………..

King Nomar Jonah – Welcome my great King Daimer, nice to meet you again

King Daimer with a smile- Thank you King Jonah for this welcome,

I guess you are a little tired from the trip.

King Jonah- No Daimer you know very well I love to travel

King Daimer- Not only travel but also Madness

Madness to do baseless works and because of this you face the defeat in past.

King Jonah- I had defeated only one state but you lost your father for a small piece of soil.

And even today you are going to repeat the same mistake. There is still time: leave stubbornness and take care of your loved ones

King Daimer- I and my people have never learned to compromise with honor, they all with me and love me

And as far as war is concerned, wars are won not by army but by morale.

King Jonah –Now you also know that you cannot compete with us at this time. And I promise that I will return the previous account with interest.

Now this war will end with your defeat

King Daimer-I also promise you that I will not repeat the mistake of leaving you alive earlier.

King Jonah- So tomorrow we will show you your worth in the battlefield, see you….

to be continue in next episode…………..

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