The War Field Nights : Wars Decide Destiny

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The War Field Nights

When Greed to gain Empires became Excessive then ” Wars Decide Destiny ‘ on the dead bodies of The War Field Nights. Where destroyers are Soldiers And Saviors are also Soldiers.

Episode-1 : Prologue

King Daimer –

Syper, You know I am that king who destroyed the empires of Jonah’s, Mandriya’s But unfortunately Now I am helpless, even my own brother doesn’t help me.

Syper Solin – My Lord!! Don’t be sad, However They are huge in numbers but still we have a hope

King Daimer ( In a hurry!!) – Which hope Syper, We lost every thing even our stock of Food is not enough to Live

Syper Solin ( keep a big smile on face) – Your majesty!! However we lost some things in this but , Not every thing

King Daimer (hopefully) – Tell me Syper, what is the advantage, which I still don’t know ??

Syper Solin ( In a Huge Voice)- Myrold !!

King Daimer ( disappointedly)- No, No Syper Are you Mad!!

Syper Solin – My Lord !! we can not Change the Destiny, It is the desire of God……..

Who is Myrold ?? Why King Daimer was afraid when his army commander tells about Myrold, what was the full story??

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